2 oz.


SKIN TYPES : Suits all skin types.Awaken your skin to a new day with these Pure Polishes that sweep away dead cells and toxins from overnight activity. Reveal a fresh complexion and fortify your skin for the day ahead.


  • PACKED WITH ASTOUNDING PACKAGE OF INGREDIENTS, This is a three-in-one a must to have! Our cleanser, mask and exfoliatior which Restores, Purifies and Brightens.

    An ancient Ayurvedic recipe handed down over generations, this hand blended treat is a union of Vedic, organic, biodynamic herbs!!

    It works as a daily cleanser, exfoliator and mask, keeping the skin fresh and free of superficial debris. It is enriched with 20 plus ayurvedic and other herbs, known to promote healthy cell turnover and boost collagen.


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