Traditionally, ayurveda suggests the use of herbal powders called "ubtans" to cleanse the skin.

This soap free herbal cleanser is a natural facial cleanser and also works as an exfoliator with 20 plus herbs, gentle yet effective natural face scrub to banish troublesome dead skin cells without irritating the skin. This product also works as a great facial cleanser.






HERBAL CLEANSER - Pitta/ Sensitive Skin


    This is a three-in-one a must to have! high in demand and higly recommended as its made with 100% botanicals - without the detergents, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients of typical cleansers that can interfere with your skin’s barrier function and microbiome. It works as a daily cleanser, exfoliator and mask, keeping the skin fresh and free of superficial debris. It is enriched with 20 plus ayurvedic and other herbs, known to promote healthy cell turnover and boost collagen.

    It is rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals, building resilience in the skin. The practice of performing daily gentle exfoliation keeps the skin clarified and free of excess oil, dirt and cellular debris. It also enhances the skin’s ability to absorb our nutrient-rich moisturizers, reducing the ageing effects of free radicals and promoting healthy, radiant skin.

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