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Vata Dosha Meal Plan

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Vata meals should be warm and nourishing. Averagely portioned meals with light snacks between meals are best for this Dosha. Spicy food should be enjoyed by Vata-types and when applicable, choose warm food over cold (freshly baked pie instead of ice cream, for example).

Meal Times and Portion Sizes

• Breakfast should be taken between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning. Servings should be averagely portioned.

• A light snack, if necessary can be taken at 11:00 in the morning.

• Lunch should be consumed between 12 noon to 1:00 in the afternoon. Servings should be averagely portioned.

• Another light snack can be taken at 4:00 in the afternoon if needed.

• Dinner should be taken at 6:30 to 7:30 in the evening. Average portioning applies.

• Avoid eating after dinner.

Meal Sequence

• Grains and carbohydrates and/or cooked vegetables and/or fresh fruits

• Dairy food

• Beans

• Eat hard to digest food sparingly and use as a condiment to other food as much as possible.

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