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​Welcome and Namaste to Penahki ayurveda.​

Penahki ayurveda skincare is driven from ayurvedic principles, penahki products are handcrafted, made from natural, herbal, wild crafted, pure, ethically sourced skincare products. They are non- toxic, not tested on animals, cruelty –free, plant based and Sulphate & Paraben free, strictly free of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients.​ We stand for simplicity, transparency &purity and take pride and  honor in preserving and spreading the knowledge of  ancient wisdom of ayurveda.

Our ingredients are fully disclosed as we believe it’s important to know and understand the food we feed to our bodies and Skin.​

Using herbs, flowers, essential oils, natural minerals we formulate and design the Penahki skincare products to  provide the complete skin care needed for all stages of life.

We understand that our emotional state and daily life choices can effect us inside out and can help repair or damage the cells so the essential oils are combined in the products to balance, help uplift and calm the senses and relax the mind, body and the skin. ​


We are truly humbled through this journey of discovering and creating the products that has expanded our gratitude for learning the gifts we receive from mother earth.We are fortunate to be bringing this to you and May you truly enjoy the gift as much as we did in making them!


Chakra Oils

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As we age, old tired skin cells can build up and the time it takes for new cells to rebuild slows down. This can make the skin look dull, tired, and dry. We have returned to ancient, safe, effective skin care routines of Ayurveda. Our 20+ healing ayurvedic herbs, soap-free cleansing powder works like a soap to deep cleanse your skin. it is great at gently unclogging pores, removing general grime and banishing problematic dead skin cells, without aggravating the surface of the new skin left behind making it great for all skin type. when mixed into a paste this resembles a very fine scrub, suitable for daily use.

result = clean, soft and fresh skin that doesn’t feel tight or stripped.

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"wherever pure knowledge and happiness is, there lies beauty"

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