Kapha  is a combination of the Water & Earth elements. Your constitution tends to be of larger proportions, with a robust frame and padded joints, thick smooth skin that may tend towards oiliness, and rich, wavy hair. You are stable and calm in thought, speech and action, and are easy-going and supportive in relationships. There is an element of steadiness to your steps,  a quality of serenity in your  smile.

Loyalty is usually your second name. You are long, heavy sleeper and uncomfortable in damp, clammy environments. Calm and sweetness of disposition are hallmarks of balanced Kapha. Your constitution is governing structure & stability.

Your personality type is The Nurturing One with overall qualities of stable, cool, heavy, dense, moist, calm, and slow.


Kapha is responsible for the architecture and protection of the body. It is Kapha that lubricates your joints and hydrates your cells.  When it is well-behaved, its specialty is maintaining a grounded presence, while allowing for a healthy amount of sentimentality and compassion.

A healthy person with a Kapha-predominant constitution is laid back, dependable and loving.  They have a stable mind, strong body, and the ability to provide support for themselves and others


Kapha dosha’s energy is slow and unchanging. They are “the rock” in their relationships. Kaphas are very slow to anger but when they are angry, it takes just as long for them to forgive. When kaphas are in balance, they are generous, calm and responsible. When Kapha’s are unbalanced, they may hold on to things – jobs, relationships, habits – even though they are harmful. Excess kapha is resistant to change, stubborn and stagnant.


 Kapha types have a strong build and excellent stamina. Large, soft eyes; smooth, radiant skin; and thick hair are also typical Kapha characteristics. Those who are predominantly Kapha sleep soundly and have regular digestion. But when Kapha builds to excess, weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies manifest in the body. When they’re out of balance, Kapha types may become overweight, sleep excessively, and suffer from asthma, hayfever, diabetes, and depression.


 Kaphas are naturally calm, thoughtful, caring and loving. They have an inherent ability to enjoy life and are comfortable with a routine. When in balance, Kaphas are strong, loyal, patient, steady, and supportive. People with an excess of Kapha tend to hold on to things, jobs, and relationships long after they are no longer nourishing or necessary. Excess Kapha in the mind manifests as a resistance to change and stubbornness. In the face of stress, the typical Kapha response is “I don’t want to deal with it.”

when KAPHA dosha is imbalanced :

In the mind of a Kapha, imbalance can manifest as low moods, lethargy, brain fog and feeling of being "stuck".  As the Kapha continues to get out of hand, signs will appear in other places as well. The respiratory system is particularly susceptible to excess Kapha, causing an accumulation of mucus, colds, and congestion. Weight gain is also a common symptom of imbalance.

when KAPHA  dosha is balanced : 


In balance, Kapha promotes love, calmness and forgiveness.

how to balance KAPHA dosha :


 Abhyanga, or self-oil application, is a lovely way to start your morning at any time of year. Because kapha dosha is heavy and oily, use lighter oil, such as sunflower, and apply lightly to your body.



Start your day with a cup of hot water first thing in the morning to clear excess kapha for the day ahead. Warm ginger tea throughout the day will strengthen your agni, or digestive fire.


Walk it off

Take a walk of 100 to 1,000 steps after meals to assist the digestive process, which can be slowed by excess kapha. Proper digestion is essential for great health and vitality.

Nasal rinse

Neti is a nasal rinse with a mineral salt solution in a neti pot made for this particular purpose. It does wonders to reduce – and even eliminate – seasonal allergies and congestion. Along with strengthening agni, neti is a great preventative practice to be free of springtime colds that affect so many this time of year


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